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This portfolio provides examples of murals I have done or am working on. I do not have “stock” images or murals ready to buy & hang, each mural is an original work of art created to your specifications. Although I am generally a realism artist, I can do a variety of styles. Murals may be small accents or big enough to cover an entire wall or walls. They are a great addition to any home or office. Open up a bedroom to an enchanted forest or turn your waiting room into a tropical ocean oasis or you can have a small accent painting in a space too small for hanging a picture or to place furniture. Kitchen & bathrooms are a great place for a well placed accent too! Murals may be complex or simple. You choose the theme & color scheme to fit your space, décor, & interests. Together we create a work of art that is unique & original for you. I only do indoor murals. This keeps the costs down for both of us. I use artist-grade acrylics which cuts down on the amount of fumes & VOC’s, they dry quickly, & they can be easily cleaned with water & mild soap if necessary. All consultations are free. Final costs will vary depending on the size, complexity, number of walls, etc. & your budget. Due to certain Oregon laws & copyright laws there are some types of murals I cannot do, however, I may be able suggest alternatives that will satisfy your needs. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up a consultation.