The Basics of my Artwork...

Style: Realism.

Mediums: Acrylics, Watercolors, Graphite, Colored & Watercolor Pencil, Pastels, Pen & Ink, Scratchboard.

Supports: Canvas, archival papers & illustration boards, Clayboard, Pastelboard, Pastelmat, Scratchboard, Masonite.

Specialty Supports: Tile (Ceramic or Slate), Petrified Wood, Stone, Clayboard/basswood boxes, Wood, Driftwood.


Prints may be available of non-commissioned works & may be sold as open or limited edition prints. Limited Edition prints are high quality archival Giclee' prints that are signed & numbered by me, & are never more than editions of 100 prints. Limited Ed. prints are printed with archival pigmented inks on artist quality canvas (Gallery Wrap) or archival acid-free papers. All Limited Edition prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Open Edition prints may be available in any of the formats listed above. 


If you wish to commission a work of art, please contact me directly for a consultation & pricing details. (Pet Portrait information & pricing are available on the Pet Portrait page. But you may contact me anytime with any questions you may have). 

All consultations are free.


Where's the Title?

One thing you will notice about my artwork that is different from many other artists is that I generally do not title my artwork. I believe images speak to each of us differently based on our own experiences and unique imaginations, so I do not want to inflence what you see by suggesting a title. However, on occassion there may be a title, either because one was required for a juried show, a client requested it for a commission, and on very rare occassion, I think of a title first and create an image to fit it. 

There is always an inventory number, regardless of title (or lack there of), for ordering purposes.