Pet Portraits are a special way to remember beloved members of your family. You can have a picture of pets together who never had the opportunity to know each other. A portrait of your fur-kid from baby to grownup. A special remembrance of a loved one no longer with you, but always a member of your family. And of course, that picture of all your pets that won't hold still for a group photo smiley

I hand-create a one-of-a-kind portrait of your pet or pets using a variety of mediums and supports.

My style is realism.

Mediums: Acrylics & Watercolors, Graphite, Colored & Watercolor Pencil, Pen & Ink, and Scratchboard or a combination of the above.

Standard Supports: Canvas, Acid-free Papers (watercolor and drawing), Illustration Board, Scratchboard, Clayboard, Masonite.

*Specialty Supports: Pastelboard, Aquaboard, Clayboard/Basswood boxes, Scratchboard/Basswood Boxes, Ceramic Tile, Slate Tile, Wooden Plaques, DuraLar Drafting Film, Glass.

I use photographs as reference for your portrait. You can send me a digital file or *hardcopy of your favorite photo, or a combination of photos, or if you are local (within 40 miles of Jacksonville, Oregon), I can take the photos. The better the photo, the better the portrait. If the photo you send me is too out-of-focus or too far away, I may not be able to use it (them). If the photo is passable, but still lacking detail, I may need to contact you for more detail information or I may ask you for different photos. (*Any photographs sent via mail, will be returned with the finished portrait).

The portrait may be of a single pet, multiple pets, or mutliple poses of one pet. The background may be simple or complex. These factors are determined by the size, medium, & support. 

All pets are welcome! Fur, feathers, fins, & scales, even insects!

If you do not have a pet, but have a special place in your heart for a specific breed, you can also commission a portrait of the pet you wish you could have.

Pet Portraits also make a special, personal gift for any animal lover.


Use the Contact Me page to place your portrait order.

In the Your Message box, just enter "Pet Portrait Order" and how you would like to be contacted, via email or phone. I will then contact you with specific questions regarding the type of portrait you wish to order, specific pricing, and how to send me your photos. 

I will require a $100.00 non-refundable deposit once your order has been finalized. The remainder of the payment will be collected when your portrait is finished and you have approved the final portrait. Once final payment has cleared, your portrait will be shipped or delivered if you are local. 


Your satisfaction is important to me. You will receive work-in-progress scans of the portrait and a scan of the final portrait before the final payment is required. I will make up to 2 adjustments within the quoted price. (Additional adjustments can be made at additional cost). If you are not completely satisfied with the final portrait, you will not be obligated to purchase it.

Even though I retain the copyright to the artwork, I will not reproduce the image for any purpose other than to provide an example of my work. You can order prints of the portrait if you wish to share it with others. Greeting cards, prints, coaster sets, etc. may be ordered. Just email me for details and prices. You may order these additional prints at the the time of the initial portrait order, or later. I will retain a digital copy of the image. 

Each portrait will be signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.


Consultation is free.

The original

Sizes 4x4 - 6x6 - 10$ per linear inch for all mediums and supports, single pet or pose with a simple background on a standard support. Two adjustments are included. 

Sizes 8x8 and up - $15.00 per linear inch for all mediums and supports, single pet or pose with a simple background on a standard support. Two adjustments are included.

Additional costs:  Add $5.00 per linear inch for the following:

     (per) Additional pet or pose

     Complex background

     Additional adjustments

Please ask me about pricing on specialty supports. These may require extra preperation and/or sealants in addtion to the cost of the material itself.

Please contact me for pricing on prints, greeting cards, coaster sets, etc.

I look forward to creating a special and unique portrait of your special and unique fur-baby!