For inforamtion & pricing on Pet Portraits, please see the Pet Portrait page. 

In addition to Pet Portraits, I also do other types of commissioned artwork.

I am a realism artist specializing in Nature, Wildlife, and Fantasy. I create original works of art in a variety of mediums on a variety of supports, as well as book illustrations and cover art, greeting cards, personalized home decor and other specialty items, and more. 

I create an original work from a basic idea or a photograph* or combination of photographs*. You can choose the subject, color scheme, medium, support, and size.

I work in acrylics, graphite, colored & watercolor pencil, pastel, pen & ink, and scratchboard or a combination of the above. I can create art on just about anything.

I can also adapt one or more of my photographs into a work of art.

*Any photograph(s) provided by you must be a photograph(s) that you have taken yourself or that you can provide proof that you have permission to use it. By Copyright Law, I cannot copy images from magazines, videos, film, television, or other artists/photographers. However, you may provide images to give me a basic idea of what you would like.

Even though I will retain the copyright to the original artwork, I guarantee that commissioned artwork will not be reproduce for resale as prints or other products. I will only use the image as an example of my work. 



Although I strive for realism in my artwork, I can also do illustrative or whimsical styles for children's books, render techical illustrations, guide book illustrations, coloring books, novel cover art, etc. 



(see the Products Page for examples)

As I said, I can create art on just about anything. I have some products that I have in-stock that are customizable and can be personalized.

*Hand-Painted Light Switch Plates

*Hand-Painted Basswood Trinket Boxes

Hand-Painted Slate Plaques

Hand-Painted Ceramic Tiles

Personalized Greeting Cards

*These items have a set price regardless of customization. The other items are priced individually based on their size, number or material. 



All commission consultations are free.

Once the project and price details are settled, I require a 30% deposit to start all commissioned pieces, however, you will not be required to purchase the final piece if you are not 100% satisfied and your deposit will be returned.

I will send you progress images and you will approve the final artwork before I collect on the final payment. Once your payment has cleared, I will deliver or mail your commissioned piece.